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Scepter Inc.,® is a secondary aluminum recycling and trading company that has been serving customers for over thirty years.

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The Scepter Group

We specialize in:

  • Recycling all types of aluminum scrap and dross
  • Buying, selling and trading aluminum
  • Casting aluminum into remelt scrap ingot (RSI), de-ox cones, specification casting ingot, rod and rolling sheet ingot
  • Delivering molten metal
  • Providing cost effective solutions for our customers

We differentiate ourselves through the innovative use and application of technology; our expertise is efficiently melting and recovering aluminum.

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment allow us to efficiently produce superior products
  • Scepter's employees are continually trained in the latest production techniques

The Best People & The Best Technology

Scepter employs some of the industry's best talent. While we are proud of our proprietary technology and innovation, our people's ability to leverage and use that technology allows us to achieve our industry-leading results.

Innovative Solutions

Scepter's electric plasma arc rotary furnace (in Saguenay, Quebec) processes dross without the use of salt with high aluminum recovery yield and no salt cake generation.

Over 85% of the residual is processed into value added products eliminating the need for landfill or other costly disposal.

Projects to Reduce Waste

Scepter a past recipient of Rio Tinto Alcan's Innovation award for 2013 and a nominee for AMM’s best new product.

Our Origins

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Scepter Bicknell - 1986

"Scepter" refers to the "Scepter Group*," a collection of legally separate, independent companies affiliated through various relationships with Scepter, Inc., a privately held business corporation founded by Garney B. Scott, Jr. in 1986 and headquartered in Waverly, TN.

Today, the Scepter Group* is a recognized leader in aluminum dross and scrap recycling and producer of other semi-fabricated aluminum products. Scepter provides its customers with an unbeatable combination of on-specification chemistry, industry-best recovery and competitive pricing. We have differentiated ourselves through an innovative approach to leveraging furnace technology and talented employees while, at the same time, maintaining a strong commitment to environmentally-friendly practices and a safe workplace.

Scepter's plants are located in geographically advantageous locations to serve our customers, who are large, medium and small aluminum producers and processors and fabricators. We forge long-term relationships with our customers who regularly turn to us for their processing needs.

Scepter's employees are important. In fact, "People-Safety-Housekeeping" holds the #1 spot on our priority list. We provide competitive wages and benefits in a safe and productive workplace. In addition, we pride ourselves in providing our employees with career-growth opportunities while expecting them to be responsible and to uphold Scepter's principles and goals.

Scepter seeks to enrich our communities through partnerships with United Way, SOS Handicapés, and The Tennessee State Scholars Initiative.